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Switzerland is getting ready for the summer - are you getting ready for Switzerland?!
We think you should and we might have something here to help you with your preparations for a trip to lovely Switzerland: The ICONSPEAK Swiss Edition!

We are Swiss ourselves and we know that for many non-swiss the language spoken around our tiny place poses a struggle (to them and to their throats). So, being ICONSPEAK and loving our home country, we decided to come to help!

The ICONSPEAK Swiss Edition features 39 icons to get you around Switzerland with ease!
  • You want a cheese fondue and a glass of wine? We got you covered!
  • You want a bar of chocolate? We got you covered!
  • You want to catch the overly punctual train? We got you covered!
  • You are still thinking this shirt is about Sweden? You must be American...
Get your hands on a brand new Swiss Edition now - and get 11% off with the discount code "cheese" (valid only for a limited time)

Looking forward to welcoming you on our shop again!

Flo and Georg
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