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ICONSPEAK - November
iconspeak drawstring bag
Look - it's our Drawstring Bag - and he is back in stock!
While you were travelling, we made some changes to our supply chain and production network - and we also made sure to have our popular Drawstring Bag back in stock! Now our products will be shipped from the States and Europe - depending on your location and availability of ordered products. This makes shipping faster and customs officers a bit more happy :)

So take your chance and use the current SALE of the Drawstringbag, get it for USD 22.- instead of 33.-, and take it on your next trip!

Looking forward to welcoming you on our shop again!

Flo and Georg
ICONSPEAK goes New York
Need a city vocabulary on your chest while exploring the big apple? We got you covered - the City Editions also feature NY shirts, tanktops and tote bags
Use the discount code "citeasy" for a 11% discount on the entire City Edition collection!
Ready for take off?!
Going for a spontaneous city trip - don't forget to get yourself an ICONSPEAK Airplane Hat - also a perfect gift for any frequent treveller and trav-a-holic! Have a look at our ONE hat collection here
Winter is coming - put your leggings on!
Our Story Collection features shirts, tops, bags, and: leggings! For your yoga lessons or those colder days that are now approaching. The high quality stretch leggings come in different styles and sizes - check them out!
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