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ICONSPEAK - World Peace Day
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On the 21st September - its World Peace Day!

So we thought its worth creating a special version of our famed World Edition shirts and make them available for a limited time. Peace and communication are not far from each other - getting closer together, talking to each other, being able to express empathy and understand different view points through communication are essential to peace. With our shirts and designs we try to encourage people from around the globe to go out, explore the world respectfully - and to communicate!

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And not only YOU shall profit, but all of us - and this year in particular the Skoll Foundation. All the profits made from the sales of the World Peace Day special edition will go towards this great foundation that supports social entrepreneurs all over the world. Its what we need most, sustainable solutions for the most pressing needs - and supporting the people driving those forward. Thank you!

Looking forward to welcoming you on our shop again!

Flo and Georg
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