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That means you can get your ICONSPEAK shirt now everywhere with a pretty refreshing discount - why not in those hot summer days?!

One way to make use of the FREE SHIPPING is by trying our special OKTOBERFEST Collection! We created some special shirts for the worlds biggest festival - check out our worldwide novelty: a t-shirt that you can adjust by beer-level! Forward this email to a friend who desperatly needs this..!
Its the stripes - they are new and they are fancy!
Have you discovered our stripes editions yet? We have re-designed the classical and famous World Edition and have freshened it up with colorful stripes!
Now you can be very functional - and still speak to everybody, everywhere with 39 icons, and you can by even more fashionable!
The new designs are hot - we tested them for some time with very positive feedback. We got to explore the streets of Lisboa and the beautiful beaches of Portugal with them...
Get your hands on a brand new ICONSPEAK shirt and get 11% off with the discount code "off11"

We are looking forward to welcoming you on our shop again!


Flo and Georg
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