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ICONSPEAK - September

World Peace Day is coming up!
So don't close your eyes - but rather open them to the world (now that you can speak to everybody, everywhere)! Not everybody in our world is lucky enough to live in a country which is at peace - and too many of us have some relation to wars through our family history. Nevertheless and nevermind the media coverage - the world is getting better and more peaceful! Every year on the 21st September this is celebrated around the world, which is why we have our World Peace Day Edition waiting for you...

Last year we made a donation to the Skoll Foundation, also this year we plan to donate all the revenues of the day to a peace keeping or peace promoting institution. Maybe you have somebody to point out? Let us know...

Happy to see you on our store again,
Flo & Georg


Also coming up - Oktoberfest!
Check out our special collection for your trip to Munich & the Oktoberfest this year! Its known that some people tend to have issues orienting themselves in Munich after a while at the Oktoberfest - our MUNICH Edition might come in pretty handy there...
Its the stripes - they are new and they are fancy!
Have you discovered our stripes editions yet? We have re-designed the classical and famous World Edition and have freshened it up with colorful stripes!
Now you can be very functional - and still speak to everybody, everywhere with 39 icons, and you can by even more fashionable!

The new designs & textiles are hot - check out the brand new heather colors - which come in special airlume cotton that makes them super smooth!

Get your hands on a brand new ICONSPEAK shirt and get 11% off with the discount code "off11"

We are looking forward to welcoming you on our shop again!

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